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Thanks for Helping Luv Pate....Here are his Emails:
Good day Ma'am! I feel blessed to come upon your site...truly grateful for the uplifting prayers and quoted scriptures. I was somehow filled with sudden hope upon first reading them. In a way, it made me write this letter to you. After I and my family been going through a lot of tough times, that has spoken a message of comfort and assurance in my heart.... Quite honestly, at first I feel a bit of a qualm about this, as I've been pondering hard on it the night before...couldn't help to feel  apprehensive that I might get rejected or misjudged of my intentions.

But out of my sincere desire to make a new start and get back on my feet again, I took enough courage to at least try in the hope that maybe, just maybe a perfect stranger out there might have the heart to discern the sincerity of my need for assistance at this moment. I am Luv from Philippines, 38 years old. My widowed mother and youngest sister are living with me as my other two siblings have their own families already. I worked as office clerk before my mother was diagnosed with diabetic ailment. When her condition got worst which led her to having her eyesight badly affected (that made her blind), I then decided to quit my job and accepted home-tutorial services for preschoolers as it was more convenient for me at that time so I can personally nurse my mom as well as earning at home.

A few months ago last year, our place was swept away by flash flood. My own home was totally washed out, though I was tremendously saddened of what occurred but I became more grateful that my family, some dear friends and the entire congregation in my home church are quite blessed to be all safe. Honestly after that flood incident, I was utterly concerned of how could we start over again. But the flood didn't take away my faith and hope, that we could recover somehow. However, sometime later,a friend of mine suggested if I could apply for a domestic work overseas in Cyprus or Singapore. Mainly because of my huge desire to start anew and help support mom with her medicine maintenance, as well as secure a new home, I didn't hesitate to take gamble and grab the opportunity.

By November last year, I packed some little stuff I've got and came here in Manila,(the country's capital city) so I could immediately process all the necessary documents since the recruitment agency where I've been applying at is located here in Manila City, which is 2 days and 3 nights travel by sea from my home province in Davao. By faith, I took a leap with the scant resources that I've saved. But sad to say, sometimes some things didn't turn out the way we expect them to........Just few weeks ago I was informed by my handler at the agency that the working visa which I've been waiting for more than 3 months already didn't push through. I was really disheartened of the news as my heart was really set to it, urgently hoping that I could be deployed as soon as possible ( been praying for it fervently)....The agency advised me then to wait for a few months more so they could get me another prospective employer overseas. I've been here for more than the time frame they gave me....longer than they promised me.
Honestly, I must admit that I am down to my last resources at this moment. I'm filled with fear and worry of how could I get by on my own in a different city where I don't know a lot of people here. I tried to apply for small jobs but to no avail. I grew desperately weary each night, couldn't sleep. I'm renting a tiny room near the wet market as this is the cheapest place I could afford.  I'm worried too of my mom back home, much more my rent will be due this week.  Sometimes in the little corner of my room, I wondered if I made the right decision to come here, I couldn't help but feeling stuck and despaired, but since I'm here already I might rather not give up yet, though I left with no option now, as I run out of funds... much more for a fare back home. It's just faith that sustains me now.

Ma'am, sorry if I may bother you with my own predicament, but I'll just draw some courage now  to ask for a little kind favor from you for some financial assistance hoping that you could be my answered prayer....a sum of $250 will be much of a great help, sufficient enough to keep me through for the next few weeks, to pay my rent and some food allowance to help me get by till I could earn my way to get deployed. Honestly, though I'm a bit uncomfortable asking for someone's hard-earned money, but I keep my hope high that  a little help from a stranger with a generous heart will be God's way of putting the idea in my heart right now to be assured that His help is on its way through you. I wish to repay you Ma'am as soon as I'm stable enough...I'll keep my word for it and when an opportunity comes for me too to extend a hand to a stranger's call in the future, I surely won't hesitate to offer mine in the best way I could.

Hoping to get a favorable response from you soon...May God keep you and your family safe. More blessings be on your way too.....
Luv Pate,

2nd Email:
Thank you very much Ma'am Miler for writing me back. Honestly, upon reading your brief message now I am truly overjoyed with your sincere concern in having thought of keeping me and my family in your prayers. I  tremendously appreciate your prayers Ma'am, coz this is the only means I got at the moment to withstand the financial struggle I and my family are facing right now.
Honestly I tried approaching some of the local public servants in the nearest area here, as I really got no other alternative yet for the time being but only one so far has responded. She and her office has given me 3 kilos of rice & 6 cans of sardines which I'm truly grateful of.  Some of the agencies here are prioritizing those who are needing social rehabilitation and serious ailing individuals like cancer patients and AIDS victims. For them, mine is a case of family issue of poverty, a minor case. So I really find it hard to get started at the moment.

All I need is a bit of immediate assistance for just little enough funds to get me by til I could find some work in the fact  I was about to get evicted a couple of days ago, but I begged the landlady for enough time till this week...I'm truly thankful God touched her heart to consider my favor....please do keep me in your prayers Ma'am. Thank You. Having faithful christian like you at least gave me comfort now through your prayers....thanks a lot..really...a lot... for praying with me (I don't feel alone at all).....May God empower and bless your ministry the more. Hope God intervenes His ways for a miracle fund through you.
Keeping up the faith,

His last email...
Dearest Ma'am Paula Miller and to all the Good Samaritan working along with you in your Ministry,
Yes, certainly Ma'am that has been my ultimate intention in my heart to give the deserved portion of blessings (to the house of the Lord) I just received from Him through your generous giving. A mere "thank you" would never suffice Ma'am......this has been a great news I receive after what we've been through......You are truly a blessing to us Ma'am and the kindhearted people with you who prayed and candidly help to come up with this miracle fund. God is indeed working His ways through you and truly......."He answers prayers".......this is certainly one proof of them.

I and my family will stay forever grateful to you. How we wish to know the person behind this "big-hearted soul".....nonetheless, we always  keep you in our hearts and prayers.....though we may not yet be able to extend back the same favor to you , but we intently grab every chance we can get to reach out and unconditionally offer help to somebody in need in our own little way possible.
I just leave it to God to bless You All and fill every need in whatever circumstance you may have at this moment.
In behalf of my family....... we thank you from the depths of our hearts. Our prayers is constantly with you as well.
May God Bless You, your Family, Friends and your entire Ministry.

P.S.  Ma'am, please let your heart be at rest, that the great endeavor and generosity you and your friends have poured out to us is truly deserved. God infinitely doesn't make mistakes...He knocks your heart to answer our prayers. And you are our answered prayer. More than Good Stewardship is the best favor we could give to you in return.....a firm belief that God is always at all times..
With Love & Prayers,


I Paula Marie, was making a needlepoint picture for the drawing, but I just couldn't get it done, its like something kept stopping me. I told Larry, I said I feel like something keeps stopping me or I'm not supposed to do this because everytime I try I just feel like I can't continue so I don't know if He wants me to do this. So I asked the Lord... do you not want me to do this tapestry for the drawing and I heard as plain as day, He said no I want Larry to do it. keep in mind, I was doing a tapestry of a light house. We had already picked out this cute little angel girl for him to do a drawing of..Well there was only two days left. But I said ok Lord and I told Larry that God wanted him to do the little angel girl. Larry was also struggling at the time wondering if what He was doing was really making a difference.

2. Then there was only one day left and Larry was working on the picture and he got this horrible allergy attack, he couldn't hardly breathe and we knew it was Satan trying to stop him. But we didn't know why or what it was about. I told Larry I think Satan is trying to stop you for some reason, but I thought it was because of his own accomplishments. Larry knowing that it was Satan doing this, decided he was going to get this done no matter what and he persevered, and at the last minute and by the grace of God, he was able to get it done.

3. Well when it came time for the drawing, Sherrie's name was drawn and we didn't think anything of it. Several days after we had mailed the little angel, Larry was asking God, talking with Him about whether or not his drawing had made a difference. The next day we got this message from Sherry and it seemed to be a confirmation to everything. She gave me permission to share this awesome testimony. Here is what she said about the angel drawing she had won during the last drawing.  

Thank you both so very much for the beautiful angel.  She looks perfect on the wall right in front of my chair.  44 years ago I had an abortion and Yahshua has allowed me to know that Robyn is in heaven with Him.  I believe, through Larry's beautiful art, He allowed me to have my only picture of my little angel.

After hearing this we broke down and cried we both did because we knew that God was in all this from the start. When He wanted Larry to draw the little angel and when her name was drawn. It was a huge blessing to us to be a part of that, but that's not all. That very same evening I was updating the prayer list as I usually do and as I was going through the list I found this prayer from Sherry that she had submitted, I think I had submitted it some time ago after she asked me to put her on the list. I believe it was several weeks before we held the drawing and this is what it said. Pray for Sherry for her strength and hope to be renewed! And that's all it said. At the time, I did not know what it meant, but God did. And after i saw that I knew that God had answered her prayer through us! Because that picture is now giving her some much hope and comfort knowing that she will soon be with her little girl forever! What an awesome testimony! This just goes to show that God is in all things and when you do something in His name, you may never know what will become of it. But you can be assured that God will use it for His glory. Larry and I have seen this and we believe it! Amen!

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Thank You Family!

Words can't express how lucky I am to have the best family ever! My landlord got the check below and he has agreed to let us pay the small remainder on 11/8/15. I hope the attacks are over with my health so I can finally resume working. I have been sick since August 8th, I got my dream job photographing church directories and during training I got so sick I had to leave the hotel and go home.  The second training class that they were so nice to let me try again, same thing. My health has been under attack since then, the latest was my blood pressure was off the charts with all the stress.

My granddaughter and daughter thank you so much too.

God Bless you all!!! Lord Jesus, please Bless every single person who helped and the people who wanted to, but couldn't. Lord I plead your blood over each brother and sister who helped us and I ask you give them special protection from the things soon to come. Lord you know my heart is pure and you saw the total love I felt, just knowing, which I haven't in a long time, that people do care. So Lord I ask a special protection over every single person and let them feel the love I felt from them. In your heavenly and mighty name I pray, AMEN!!


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